Ain'tcha by Betty Boop (Song Only)|کلیپ کده

Ain'tcha by Betty Boop (Song Only) نمایش آنلاین کلیپ با سرعت بالا
Betty Boop sings Aint'cha from her movie The Betty Boop Limited Singing by Mae Questel. previously peformed by Helen Kane in Pointed Heels.

Ain'tcha kinda glad and ain'tcha kinda gay
when you hear me say i love's ya
A'ww tell me baby a'ww ain'tcha

Boop Boop e Doop

And dont ya kinda miss that li'l bit of bliss
when a hug or kiss i give's ya
A'ww tell me baby, don'tcha?
You know pretty soon there will be a honeymoon and to the preacher we will go
and in a year mabey h