Falling With Glory – Sorry (Lyrics)|کلیپ کده

Falling With Glory – Sorry (Lyrics) نمایش آنلاین کلیپ با سرعت بالا
Falling With Glory – Sorry (Lyrics)

I wanna tell you something thats on my mind,
I wanna throw this out there.
Why you have to act like your so blind?
When I put myself out there.
Why be so bitter?
why be so hollow inside?
when I know that you could be mine.

Follow your passions in life,
for they will bring you to the sun!

I'm sorry,
I can't tell you.
What I'm feelin' like,
I wish you knew that.
I'm sorry,
I can't tell you.
How I feel inside,
but I wish you knew!

So, this might be the rea