Fight The Fade – Beside The Dying Fire (Lyrics)|کلیپ کده

Fight The Fade – Beside The Dying Fire (Lyrics) نمایش آنلاین کلیپ با سرعت بالا
Watching, Waiting
For the moment to press on
I won't be afraid
Of the dark
The lighthouse is fading
Which we followed to be safe
We look up hoping
We might see a glimpse of light

Beside the dying
Fire of your passion (Fire of your passion)
I'm screaming across
The bare abyss of scattered ashes
Can you hear me (Can you hear me?)
I'm calling out your name (Calling out your name)
I'm calling out your name!

[Verse 2:]
I've been searching
For so long I can barely stand
It's just another desert wastel